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Black History Month is back! It’s October again and it’s time for our annual celebration of
achievements and contributions within black history. Where better to raise awareness and
honour these accomplishments than in your classroom. It is so important that today’s
children celebrate the contributions to our society and help support the diversity that helps
build our communities. Here are some great websites containing teaching tools to help bring
Black History into the classroom.

1: Black History of Britain Timeline – Twinkl provides amazing free resources and
teaching tools for primary teachers and secondary teachers. This amazing visual will
look super eye-catching on your classroom wall.


2: Black History Month Full Resource Pack – This pack comes straight from the
official website for Black History Month and are great teaching tools. Their first
resource pack is jam packed with information and visuals from various walks of life
and careers. This one does come with a cost at £49.50.


3: Assembly Ideas – So many resources and teaching tools available on the TES
website including ideas for Black History Month assemblies. There are also great
primary teaching resources, such as themed games that are worth a look at too.