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Nail Your Teaching Job Interview in Bedford


Wondering how to nail your teaching job interview in Bedford? Whether you’re coming to the end of your teaching qualification or you’re freakin’ out about about your upcoming teaching job interview, do not panic! We all know too well that first impressions are key and there are so many potential questions you could be asked in an interview that leave you stumped. Whether you are interviewing for an English role, Maths role or PE role, always ensure you have examples of your experience in the specific field you’re going for. Make sure you come across positive and passionate, and remember to get across some of your personality too. You may be thinking about all the potential questions that could come up. Fear no more, here are some tips to help you standout and secure that teaching role you’ve always dreamed of.

Body Language and Presentation

We all get super nervous at the thought of having a job interview. When trying to nail your teaching job interview in Bedford, try to remain cool, calm and collected. Confidence is key here. It is so important that you can show you can command a classroom, even if your unorganised, quirky side is itching to come out. Try to not put so much pressure on yourself. If this interview doesn’t work out then you will get other opportunities, don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. When it comes to presentation ensure you dress well with a fresh appearance. Try and give off that calm, personable yet professional vibe. Save your
mini skirt for a Saturday night.

Prep That Portfolio

Make sure your portfolio is full to the brim with past achievements, original qualification documents, lesson plans and resources. Don’t be shy! Be prepared to talk about yourself and your achievements. Make sure your CV is up to date and correct and bring all qualifications along with you to the interview. Employers will want to know you can put lessons together, so make sure you bring all examples and resources along with you. When the interviewer asks that oh so common question, “Tell Us About Yourself”, make sure you keep your answer honest and relevant to the type of teaching job you want to secure. Include a few personal facts that could demonstrate forward thinking and a willingness to better yourself. Perhaps include any classes you attend and a few of your personal interests. If you can include examples of when you took part in extra curricular activities, such as school clubs or volunteering at events, will give you extra brownie points.

Get Ready For Tough Questions

When trying to nail your teaching job interview in Bedford or just interviewing for any teaching job, questions will come up that you may find slightly tricky to answer. Do not stress, just do a few practise runs before the interview. Common questions that stump a lot of teachers include “How do you manage out of control behaviour?”. Another killer is “How do you manage conflict effectively?” You should be able to answer these questions with confidence. By using past experience as examples will score major points with any interviewer. Another common question is “Why do you think you’re a good fit for our school?”. Make sure you have done thorough research on the school beforehand and really highlight why you would be an asset to them and what draws you into them the most.

Don’t Forget It’s Your Interview Too

Interviewing for your teaching job isn’t just one way! You need to make sure the school can provide you with what you are looking for in your career too. Prepare some questions you would like to ask your potential employer. Always try and think of something to ask, even if your questions have been covered already. By not asking any questions can make your interviewer feel you are dis-interested. Don’t miss the chance to show you are passionate about the role you’re going into. Hopefully this article has given you some pointers to think about when trying to nail your teaching job Interview in Bedford. Don’t overthink it. If you’ve worked hard at your degree or at a previous placement, you’re passionate about teaching and changing the lives of young people, then you’ve got this! Nerves only show you’re human after all, but be confident in yourself and your ability and you will secure your ideal teaching job in no time.