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So, you are looking for student teaching jobs in Bedfordshire. Whether you are in your first, second or third year at university or you are looking for a position where you could do your teacher training on the job. There are a few things they forget to mention during your studies. Of course, university and study prepare you for most of your role as a teacher, such as curriculums, planning, behaviour management and lesson delivery. But did it prepare you for the amount of workload and how to manage it, so you don’t burn-out? Did university teach you how to know your limits and not feel guilty? Did they explain how to spend time looking after your mental health as well?

Student teaching jobs in Bedfordshire and all over the UK can be hard to come by and are no easy ride. However, as a career, teaching is rewarding, fun and inspiring. Don’t let these realities bog you down. Here are a few tips that your university may have left out.

Doing too much

Once university is over, the mind is filled with wonderful and creative ideas for the classroom. At university the amount you take on is measured. When a teacher steps into their own class for the first time the excitement and freedom can cause them to get carried away and become over ambitious. There’s no one above you to plan, you are the planner. Even though you want to create all these incredible resources, will you really have the time? The volume of work you take on can really cause a burnout and may even result in you loosing the passion and enthusiasm you started with. Burnout and over working is the number one reason why newly qualified teachers leave teaching within the first five years.

Just remember. It is vital to inject creative flair and passion into the classroom but just manage your expectations with reality and know your own capabilities.

Banish guilt from the classroom

It is in your nature, as a teacher, to do all you can for your students. This can cause the feeling of guilt or failure to creep in if you feel a student isn’t achieving their best. Having these feelings should just remind you that you do care, which in turn shows you are a good teacher. What you achieve in the work week is enough! Don’t think too much and doubt yourself. Your students will learn from their mistakes, just see it as a tool for them to grow. 

Mental health

Even with the marking and prepping you have to do, it is vital to take time out to focus on yourself. Even if it’s a few minutes de-stressing with some calming music or going out for a walk, do it. You will feel so much better mentally taking time for yourself. Ensure you have a healthy lifestyle by getting a good night’s sleep, eating well and remaining active. See friends and know when to switch off from work. Being a teacher is a tough job and it is important that you forget the stigma that is attached to mental health and talk to someone. Remember, having your mental health in check will create a happier and healthier classroom for teacher and student.