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Whether you’re an experienced teaching assistant in Bedfordshire or newly qualified we’ve got some tips to help you succeed in your role. Being a teaching assistant is so rewarding. Teachers make it look easy, but we know it’s not. As a teaching assistant you are a vital factor to student’s success. Teaching assistants in Bedfordshire are pivotal when it comes to supporting a teacher, especially if they are newly qualified or lack experience. 

Here are some key points to remember if you are new to being a teaching assistant. If you’re experienced, it’s always good to remind yourself of some of the basics.

You don’t have all the answers

First time teaching assistants in Bedfordshire, do not worry! You don’t have to be an expert in all the subjects that are covered. All you need is a bit of critical thinking and the ability to discuss topics and ask open questions. As them to expand on their ideas and offer encouragement. If a student does ask you something you don’t know, check with the teacher after class and follow up with the student. It’s ok to not know things, just don’t wing it!

Group work

A lot of teaching assistants in Bedfordshire have said that teachers think group work is a lifesaver. It may require more planning and better classroom control but the lesson sort of runs itself. It will be easier for you to encourage students to share with the group, as a lot of students feel more comfortable answering questions in this environment.

Prepare more than you think you need

It’s always a good idea to prepare an extra 10 mins worth of material for those times when students zoom through work. This is common in your first few lessons, but you will get used to the amount you need to prepare. When it comes to preparing material for your lessons it’s a good idea to check the classroom out first. That way you’ll know what facilities and equipment you’re working with. You don’t want to have spent hours prepping a PowerPoint to find there is no computer in the classroom, 5 minutes before the lesson is due to start!

Be patient with students

Show you are truly invested in your student’s learning by learning their names. It is practical and you can often ask for a copy of the register to get your head round them all. When you ask a question, give the students time to answer. Teaching assistants in Bedfordshire have said a common mistake is not giving them enough time. 10 seconds is a good time to leave before asking the question again or moving on.

Everyone has bad days

Lastly, please don’t beat yourself up if a day doesn’t go to plan. It happens to us all. There will be times where students aren’t engaged, or the lessons run short. Don’t let it bring you down. Reflect on what went wrong and what went right, tweak things and improve for next time. Life is one big learning curve after all!