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Distance learning has become the new norm over 2020 and 2021 for our students. Although learning remotely provides lots of flexibility, it’s important they have the right working space, mind frame and routine in place. It can be so hard for students to adapt to this new way of learning, so here are some distance learning tips for students, to help them adjust.

Keep a routine

Encourage students to still wake up on time and get dressed, as if they were attending school as normal will help them get into the right frame of mind.  As in a normal lesson, taking notes in exercise books is important for future revision. Remind students to still schedule in time to go over notes and contact you with any questions they may have. Also encourage them to maintain some sort of exercise and time for hobbies and interests. This will help massively with their mental wellbeing during these unprecedented times.

Communicate with your lecturers and classmates

Remind students that you are still as approachable as ever and that you can be privately messaged after class. When thinking of distance learning tips for students, one tip is to keep them interacting with their classmates. This will help them still feel part of a class and a team, not alone. Remember that the same online tools being used to deliver your classes can also be a great way to keep in contact. Utilise these tools to the best of your ability and show your students how to do this too. Encourage students to ask questions during lessons, discuss topics in forums with others in their class and reach out via email.

Distance Learning Tips for Students – Although your teachers can’t be there physically with you, your education is still priority and they’re there to help.

Create a school environment

Advise students to make a space dedicated to just studying, it will help them to concentrate better. They can do this by creating a productive workspace, making sure the objects around them are only those that relate to studying. Ensure their space is free of clutter and don’t use a bed as a place to study – it’s important to keep this as a place of rest. It is also recommended working by a window for some natural light

Cancel out distractions

When students are studying from home, it can be quite easy to become distracted. The easiest way to achieve focus and productivity is to distance themselves from things that might cause a distraction. Advise students to put their phone in another room, in a drawer or switch it to ‘Airplane mode’.

We hope these distance learning tips for students have helped when coming up with suggestions to improve their remote learning environment.