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Are you having trouble deciding whether you’re looking for permanent teaching jobs in Bedfordshire or temp teaching jobs in Bedfordshire? There are certainly pros and cons to both. This short guide will cover the main differences and similarities between the two. Maybe you are currently in temp teaching jobs in Bedfordshire and want to make the change to permanent teaching jobs in Bedfordshire. This guide will also show you the transition and how it can be done.

So what are the differences?

Supply teachers actually do have the same responsibilities as a permanent member of staff. There are some occasions where work is prepped and given to the supply teacher to cover. However, the majority of the time supply teachers must come up with lessons that meet certain learning objectives. This must be in line with the curriculum, meaning supply teachers will still have to keep updated with it. Supply staff also can be responsible for marking and giving feedback to the pupils. 

So really the only difference between permanent teaching jobs in Bedfordshire and temp teaching jobs in Bedfordshire is the amount of time you spend with the students. 

Whilst some supply teachers like the change of environments, some can find the lack of continuity a challenge. A supply teacher is constantly having to adapt and change their method of classroom control, depending on the type of lesson and school they’ve been placed in. 

The benefits of temp teaching jobs in Bedfordshire

It keeps you on your toes! One day you could be teaching a year 2 class English, the next a year 4 Science. Variety is the spice of life they say! If you enjoy ever changing environments then this is a major benefit to supply.

The paperwork is nowhere near as much as it would be for a permanent staff member. Even though responsibilities are the same, a supply teacher would rarely have to deal with parents, attend staff meetings or take work home in the evenings.

Another huge benefit is the flexibility. A supply teacher can choose their hours and days. 

Why transition into permanent teaching jobs in Bedfordshire?

As we’ve mentioned supply teaching can be liberating for those who enjoy teaching different subjects and students. It also gives you a freedom you don’t have as much as a permanent teacher.

However, supply teaching is not guaranteed. Whilst there is often a lot of work out there, some weeks you could loose out on pay if there are no suitable positions. Because of this, you as a supply teacher may find yourself accepting jobs that involve further travel, to ensure bills are paid. 

For a lot of people the need to constantly change teaching style and not knowing the students can cause stress and uncertainty. A lot of teachers become a teacher because they have a passion for seeing their students learn and grow. You miss out on this connection as a supply teacher.  As a supply teacher, you may feel like there is a lack of support from other teaching professionals because you’re not really known in the school. 

If you are wondering how to secure permanent teaching jobs in Bedfordshire

Supply teaching is a great way to start if you are looking for a permanent role. You will have met various teaching professionals, have been able to show off what you can do to several heads of department and head teachers. 

You may have been to the school before, therefore knowing the type of environment you would be going into before accepting a job offer. 

Supply teaching also is great for NQTs, giving them work experience, whilst being able to practise their skills and earn money whilst they are looking for a perm position.