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Tick Education believe that working as an Early Years Practitioner in Bedfordshire is one of the most important and rewarding jobs out there. You are helping to build a child’s confidence and social skills, preparing them for the big outside world, also known as school. By working as an Early Years Practitioner in Bedfordshire, you are setting the foundation of a child’s learning. You are teaching them responsibility and a better understanding of the world around them.

Working as an Early Years Practitioner in Bedfordshire, though rewarding doesn’t always suit everyone. A successful practitioner will require certain personality traits. Whether you are considering working as an Early Years Practitioner in Bedfordshire or know someone who is. Here is a guide to some of the qualities that make a great Early Years Practitioner.

Quality #1 – Patience

Working as an Early Years Practitioner in Bedfordshire or any job in childcare requires a lot of patience. Children are pros at testing your patience and can kick off or disobey you at any point. When you speak to a child, patience will reduce your stress, help you manage the child effectively and will show the child you are able to handle pressure and won’t cave easily. You will also need to be patient with your fellow practitioners. In childcare, people have different ways of managing behaviour. Even though it may be different to your style, you need to respect their way of doing things, as they should to you.

Quality #2 – Organisation

Organisation is essential when a child’s health and safety is in your hands. Whilst doing group activities, organisation is vital. You must ensure each child is achieving their full potential whilst not putting any one else in any danger. Young children will look to practitioners as a role model. It will not be a good impression to show a child that you are flapping and all over the place. Organisation is also key. Keep the room tidy, mop up any spills and tidy away any hazardous objects.

Quality #3 – Positivity

When working as an Early Years Practitioner in Bedfordshire, children will look up to you and it’s important to give off a positive vibe. Positive mental attitude will be great for your mental health, will make everyday seem brighter and help you in difficult situations. Children are great at picking up on negative vibes. They are more likely to behave better and be happy when they are having fun. Children will also learn more in an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable.

Quality #4 – Perseverance

To be successful as an Early Years Practitioner you need to have a passion for working with children and helping them grow into the next phase of their life. You will need to keep up to date with trends and news within childcare. Even though it may be tricky at times, it Is important you have good communication skills, especially with colleagues. You will also need to speak to children on their level whilst communicating effectively with parents. You may have to deal with difficult children at times, but determination and the ability to come up with ideas will help you through. There may be times when a collaboration with parents or other colleagues is needed to control a child’s behaviour. A clear line of communication, passion and determination are the key things you will need tog et you through.