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Whether you are a fully qualified, newly qualified or an instructor of English, you are passionate about English! Secondary English Teachers have the fortune of enhancing their pupils’ learning through fun and engaging lessons. Being literature or language, secondary English teachers can use their passion for the subject to get the best out of their students.

Though no two approaches are the same, Secondary English Teachers will be able to motivate their students and deliver the highest positive outcomes for their pupils.

Here are some extra tips to make your English lessons stand out from the crowd. English will become the lesson all the pupils look forward too!

Tips for Secondary English Teachers

  1. Don’t hide your passion – Let the positivity and passion for the subject pour out of you. Surely you love English so that’s why it’s your specialism right!? Don’t hide that away. This will encourage pupils to enjoy it as well and increase the likelihood of them achieving better results.
  2. Remember, English can be difficult – English is one of the most powerful languages in the world , but, don’t forget it is complex and students can find it hard to grasp at times. Secondary English teachers should encourage their pupils to write creatively, try out new things and not to fear failure.
  3. Vary the lessons – Consider how certain texts can make students feel and think how you can use different types of activities to bring the text to life. You want pupils to come to your lessons keen to learn, not bored of the same old thing.
  4. Give clear instructions – As with all subjects, clear instructions need to be given so the students know exactly what is asked of them. This can be done by questioning, giving time to take in new information and not rushing through topics.
  5. Talk through new concepts – Talk through new concepts with the class as a whole. This will help to highlight any areas pupils may not understand and flag up any concerns.
  6. Group discussion –  A great way to get students thinking and learning from each other.
  7. Focus on words – Secondary English Teachers love words! Whether it’s new vocabulary or how words enhance text or change tone. Encourage students to broaden their minds and use words they may not have before in their texts.
  8. Use colour – A lot of learners are visual. Use colours to highlight important areas of text or mark pages. It will help to stick out in their minds.
  9. Additional reading – Encourage reading outside of the classroom. This will help them develop their skills and open their imagination.
  10. Practice – As always, practise makes perfect! Give students time to practise their skills. Provide constructive feedback to help them improve over time.

Here is a link to some great resources Secondary English Teachers rave over – https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/secondary/zkqp47h

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