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It is widely known that our young people have been hugely affected by the COVID restrictions surrounding their education. Precious time has been lost due to lock downs and the continued isolation rules schools are having to follow. Recent figures released by the DFE have shown that 33 million days of school have been missed due to isolation and following COVID restrictions. Current figures have shown that out of the 641,000 pupils being forced to isolate only 28,000 actually had confirmed COVID.

Even though these figures are staggering there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel! The latest announcement in regards to COVID restrictions changes have given an end date to some of the rules currently in place. We know how confusing all these rule changes can get so Tick Education have provided you with a short summary below.

COVID Restrictions Changes – July

As of the 19th July, the COVID testing system for students will be transferred to the track and trace NHS system. The use of bubbles will end.

COVID Restrictions Changes – August

From the 18th August, anyone under the age of 18 will not have to isolate unless they have actually tested positive for COVID.

COVID Restrictions Changes – September

All schools will be offering students two COVID tests at the beginning of the autumn term, as a one off.

From the 19th July it will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask. The government have advised to wear one in crowded, indoor venues. However, this is now down to individual preference.

Summer Holidays Abroad

Now that the summer holidays have hit, everyone is so keen to get a well deserved break. The rules for holiday destinations are changing quickly so remember to keep checking the government website.


Green countries: a negative test needed to enter, no self-isolation required on return, but you still need to book and pay for a Covid test on day 2 on your return to England.

Amber countries: from the 19th July, the government is not advising against travel to amber listed countries and those adults who have been double jabbed do not have to self-isolate or quarantine on return. Children under 4 are exempt from taking a Covid test on day 2 and 8.

Red countries: advice is not to travel there.

So things are slowly getting back to normal after over a year of disruption and confusion. Tick Education, along with the rest of the UK, want to thank the work of the NHS, the key workers and any volunteers that helped with COVID. We wouldn’t have got through it without your continued hard work and dedication.