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Tick Education tips for starting school in September

Starting school in September can be difficult for both students and staff alike. We understand how hard it can be re-adjusting after a nice, long summer break. Especially after this past year and a half! So, we have compiled a list of ways in which this experience can be improved. Get September off to a flying start!

Here are Tick’s top tips for starting school in September.

Starting school in September Tip 1 – Try new things

After the past year that we have faced, change is most definitely welcomed. Why not incorporate a fresh outlook on starting school in September? Buy that new bag; start making a packed lunch; change up the classroom or get that new haircut. It’s a new beginning for us all so give new things a try. Have fun exploring experiences that we have all been deprived of this last year and a half.

Tip 2 – Organisation

Everyone needs a bit of organisation in their lives. Whether that is small details like making your bed or even making a daily schedule to follow. Following a regular pattern when starting this new year can be very beneficial. It can help to relieve stress and ease the mind whilst also making you stick to a healthy work/life balance, which is a crucial part of day-to-day life. So even if it’s just a small plan, try and add some organisation to your day and keep peace of mind knowing that you’re never too far from normality. Here is the link to a blog with some great organisational tips – https://blog.hope-education.co.uk/classroom-organisation-ideas/

Tip 3 – Starting school in September, fresh start, fresh classroom

The classroom should be a place where pupils and teachers feel accepted, safe and excited to learn. It is important as a teacher that your pupils, fellow staff and especially yourself have the best experience when entering that environment. Starting school in September can cause anxiety for some pupils, so having a familiar environment from the get go will help settle those nerves. Planning your classroom layout, displays and making sure that everything has an appropriate place before the start of the year will not only save so much time later on, but also create a nurturing atmosphere from the start.

Tip 4 – Don’t be afraid of new interactions

For students and teacher alike, talking to new people or even people you haven’t seen for a while can be frightening. Well don’t stress! It is perfectly normal to be intimidated by new faces, but just remember most others will be in the same boat as you and there is always someone who is available.

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