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Get ready to trick or treat with Tick this Halloween as we show you our five best Classroom Halloween activity ideas!

Drawing pumpkin designs

The first out of our five classroom Halloween activity ideas is all about pumpkins. A fundamental part of getting in the Halloween spirit is carving pumpkins, and to any child pumpkins are a great creative outlet. So why not get them to design their own? It’s as simple as handing them a piece of paper and giving them free reign. A way to further engage them is to turn it into a competition and have some sort of incentive for them to win such as a small bag of sweets.

Making a skeleton friend

Everyone loves skeletons on Halloween and mixing this with arts and crafts can be great fun. All you need is some black paper, white pipe cleaners/straws and some white pencils. Once everyone has made their skeletons, get them to name it and write a small paragraph about it. This both creatively and academically engages them.

Write a short story

A good scary story can always help lift the mood and let someone explore the possibilities of their imagination. By doing this activity the kids get to practice their English skills whilst having fun with making spooky stories. Once again you can also make a reward scheme to incentivise them to try their best and to challenge themselves with the most creative of classroom Halloween activity ideas.

Maths games

By getting them to try these classroom Halloween activity ideas such as counting sweets in a bowl or doing Halloween themed maths questions, their maths skills will increase largely as they are linking it with something fun therefore increasing the likelihood of them remembering it. For the older kids these questions can have increased difficulty with the addition of complex wording and obscure situations creating an even more fun challenge.

Recycled Frankenstein

Frankenstein is a Halloween favourite, so why not use him for a fun and creative activity which is very affordable. We all have tons of empty toilet rolls laying around doing nothing, but these can be recycled and used as a canvas for the students to paint their own Frankenstein on them. This classroom Halloween activity idea is great to do on a budget and can be a great decoration for in the classroom afterwards.

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