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Beginning your new teaching role and stepping into a new school can be daunting to say the least. These career moves are a fantastic way to broaden your experience, grow your skill set and get major professional gains.

When you begin your new teaching role you will naturally be showing off your abilities through your daily work. However, there are ways in which you can impress your new colleagues and the powers above, with very little effort or additional work put in.

Observation is key

As you will be new to the school, you will be observing the school environment with a fresh pair of eyes. This can give you a different perspective than to those longstanding staff members. Sharing your observations, along as you offer a potential solution, can really help a school develop. Don’t be afraid to ask to observe other lessons or school routines to help you settle in and improve your own practise. Do not be afraid to talk to other staff members, these conversations can reveal so much about your new school. Make sure you attend meetings and make your face and presence known.

Settle into your new teaching role by partnering with other classes

To help grow your presence and enhance the children’s learning, a buddy system could work well. Your class can work alongside another class on a project or reading, for example. The children can be given time to share ideas with their buddy and you can gain from working alongside a more experienced teacher in the school.

A new teaching role and extra-curricular activities

A great way to impress in your new teaching role is to volunteer or some roles that could help with school development. This shows how dedicated and passionate you are about the school you work in. Some good examples include house point co-ordinator or a PTA panellist. Help out on school fun days such as sports day or national days. This can help you get to know a wide range of people from different departments in the school.