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Quote to boost motivation in your students

Motivation is the internal desire to accomplish something important to us. Motivation in your students is knowing that what they’re learning is of some value. What happens when students pay attention? They learn of course! And as a teacher this is the number one goal. Thinking of ways to boost motivation in your students is not always easy. Whilst some students will be very self-motivated and determined, others may be easily distracted and haven’t yet discovered their passion.

How can you, as a teacher, boost motivation in your students? Check out the tips below on how to use motivation to engage your students and boost their learning power.

Build positive relationships to boost motivation in your students

There is a huge link between positive relationships and positive motivation. Combine the two and you get higher achievement! Students who believe their teacher is genuinely invested in them, will be more inclined to engage and push harder to reach their goals. If a student doesn’t feel supported and their ideas not listened to negative feelings will manifest along with a lack of a willingness to succeed.

Show your students their progress

How can you be motivated when you don’t know how far you’ve come? A good teacher should show their students their progress from start to finish. Show the students how they can track their progress. As a teacher you can also use this as a way to see how you are performing and to feedback to your students.

Boost motivation in your students by changing the learning environment

Everyone gets bored with the same old routine. Spice up your classroom by throwing in some fun activities. This will help motivate the students that learn through play or by doing the activity. It will also be a welcome change to the usual classroom lesson set-up. Changing the scenery will be new and fresh for the students.

Encourage self reflection

A teacher should always encourage self reflection. Getting your students to look back at their successes and fails is vital for self improvement. After a bit of self reflection students can define their next goals. This can empower them and leave them feeling like they are in charge of their own learning, thus encouraging them to be the best they can be.

Boost motivation in your students now and keep them motivated in the future

As their class teacher, it is important for the students to feel like you motivate them. However, for long term success, a student needs to learn to motivate themselves. Assist your students by helping determine what drives them and what their reasons are for wanting success. Perhaps they have a particular career goal in mind or a certain grade needed to get into university. Whatever their goal is it is important for motivation that they are reminded of their reasons for wanting to achieve.

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