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So, you’ve heard a fellow teaching friend Have you ever wondered what the benefits of supply teaching in Milton Keynes are? Maybe you still have a love for teaching but need a bit more flexibility and variation in your career. Variety is the spice of life after all! There are some great benefits of supply teaching in Milton Keynes. Not convinced? Let’s take a look.

Re-Assessing Work-Life Balance

The main benefits of supply teaching in Milton Keynes are the flexibility and better work-life balance. No longer are you tied to the constraints of permanent teaching. Fancy a holiday in January? Why not! Off peak travel prices here we come. Flexibility is also great for personal reasons such as appointments and taking the kids to and from school. You can choose the days you want to work, so no more awkward delivery times. Now if that isn’t a benefit, I don’t know what is.

No More Planning

Say goodbye to planning, targets and meetings when you choose supply teaching. You will no longer have to spend endless hours planning and prepping work. Sometimes you can even bypass the marking too! It also takes the strain off of working to targets and dealing with parents and colleagues.


Sometimes familiarity brings security and other benefits, but teachers that work in the same school for years are missing out on experiencing all the different types of environments and subjects. As well as getting to know a variety of pupils, you can work alongside staff who have had different experiences and can share a wealth of knowledge with you.

Returning to Teaching

Another benefit of supply teaching in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area is if you are returning to teaching. You may have had some time out from the classroom and are considering returning. You may have retired but loved your teaching career so much that you want to still stay connected with the classroom. Supply teaching is a great way to decide that a return to teaching is the right choice for you.

So why not give supply teaching in Milton Keynes a go? It could be a life changing career move and could leave you thinking why I didn’t try this sooner!

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