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After a stressful term and adjusting to the ever changing COVID restrictions, our education staff deserve a well-earned break. Tick Education have worked had to put together tips for teachers to relax and de-stress over summer. Relaxation and time for reflection is key to better mental health and feeling ready to tackle challenges ahead. We advise our education staff to take this time to do things they enjoy, re-connect with family and friends and do things they may not have had time to do whilst the term was in full swing.

So, teachers and support staff, cool off this summer! Here are our tips for teachers to relax and de-stress over summer.


Reflection is key to a relaxing summer. Write it all down. What were you biggest achievements this school year? What could you work on for the future? Is there anything new you want to try? Now it’s written down you don’t have to worry about remembering it all and mental relaxation can begin.


The school year is busy. Back to school is even busier. Use the summer break to catch up with loved ones and enjoy the time you have together. Don’t make the conversation all about work. Remember what you enjoy doing with your friends and family. Use the break to create new memories!


Having time to yourself is vital for your mental wellbeing. Go back to the things you enjoy. Be it reading a good book, doing exercise, arts and crafts.. whatever floats your boat! Spend your free time doing the things that make you happy and don’t spend it stressing about the upcoming year. 


Grab your friends or family and go on a staycation, or a vacation if you’re lucky! You can have a relaxing break without breaking the bank. Be it a long weekend or a two-weeker, a holiday is the perfect way to de-stress.

Something New

Why not give yourself a challenge and try something new? Now is the time to try that new recipe you thought looked good, or check out that new place you’ve heard about. Perhaps you might find a new hobby that will help relax you even during term time.


The key to avoiding stressful situations. Before you return to school prep for the term ahead. It will save so much time when you have no time to spare. By prepping for the term you can rest easy knowing you’ve got this and you will feel ready for the challenge ahead.