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You know that motto everyone has in January. “New year, new me”. The same goes for your classroom! As the year draws to a close, a festive break is most definitely welcomed with open arms. After a few days of unwinding and a few too many wines the break will be a good time for reflection and improvement. It is time to look ahead, brush off the struggles of 2022 and focus on goals for January. Here are some teacher tips for a new year, a January re-boot if you will. 

Plan for a restart

The number one out of all the teacher tips for a new year is planning. It is essential to plan for a fresh start. January is the perfect time to re-establish classroom rules and what you expect from your students. It could also be beneficial to re-cap some of the lessons learnt before the winter break because students tend to slip towards the end of the year. This makes it the best time to nip any bad habits in the bud. A new year and a fresh start, is also the perfect time to motivate your students for the year ahead. Rewarding good behaviour will remind students what is expected of them. It will help them get out of a winter break mindset and back into a school mindset.

Help students find new ways to study

Teacher tips for a new year number two. Make lessons interactive, engaging and new. Encourage students to try new ways of studying outside the classroom. As students can find it hard to kick that winter break feeling in the classroom, they can find it just as hard outside of the classroom too. Highlight the importance of out of hours study and revision. Remind students of the importance of reading and completing homework. Some students may not even realise they need help with out of hours study. As a teacher it will be beneficial for you to come up with some refreshing ideas to help. 

Note taking for next year

When you’re always thinking ahead to the next term, the year can just fly by so quickly. If you didn’t take adequate notes last year, don’t make the same mistake again! After each lesson take some time for reflection. Reflection is another big one when it comes to teacher tips for a new year. Just a few minutes to sit back and think what worked, what didn’t, what students may need extra support. These notes will be vital for lesson planning this time next year. Don’t let your best lessons be forgotten about.

Goals for your development

It’s not always all about the kids! Your professional development is just as important. Think about your personal goals and what you want to achieve this year. Maybe you could take some classes outside of work or perhaps there is additional CPD your school could offer you. Perhaps you could broaden your connections and join some teacher forums and groups. You could share experiences and maybe even get some new ideas. 

Work/life balance

Teacher tips for a new year will conclude with a very important thing to take into consideration. Strive for a better work/life balance. It is so easy to get bogged down with marking, planning and out of hours emailing. Remember to set aside time for yourself, even if it’s only a few minutes. It will do wonders for your mental health. Eat well, stay active and taking time doing things you enjoy. See family and friends, talk to someone. Don’t let stress eat away at you and take over what is a rewarding and exciting career.