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As its National Biscuit Day today, here at Tick Education, we wanted to talk to our self proclaimed biscuit connoisseur and Milton Keynes Consultant Darry Veenendaal to see exactly what he likes with a cup of tea when he’s not supplying all the schools in Buckinghamshire with top notch teachers and teaching assistants.

Jonathan: So, Mr Veenendaal, it’s National Biscuit Day what is it about biscuits that turns you into the cookie monster?

Darryl: I don’t know. I just can’t get enough of those little biccies and when you dip them in a cup of my first class tea… Wowza! Its pure ecstasy.

Jonathan: It sounds like you really like them?

Darryl: Like? Like is such a pitiful word when it comes to biscuits Jonno. No, I don’t like, I don’t even love… No, no… I adore them.

Jonathan: Do you want me to give you a second mate?

Darryl: No… (Staring off into the distance for a good few seconds before he snaps out of his state of delirium and returns his focus on the conversation) No, I should be ok.

Jonathan: Anyway… Let’s talk about the fundamentals of what makes a great biscuit. What do you like to dip in your brew?

Darryl: I beg your pardon?!

Jonathan: What biscuit is the best to dunk in your drink?

Darryl: Oh! Well I have to say an all butter shortbread.

Jonathan: Really? I thought you’d have said something like a Hobnob.

Darryl: No, no way. Its all about the shortbread with a nice cup of tea in the winter.

Jonathan: And what about in the summer?

Darryl: Ah, well when it comes to the summer, there’s nothing better than a tall glass of Elderflower cordial with a slice of lemon.

Jonathan: Seriously? Does shortbread and elderflower cordial go together?

Darryl: Naturally.

Jonathan: Ok. What about your favourite flavoured biscuit?

Darryl: It’s got to be a golden crunch cream.

Jonathan: Oh yeah, I agree with that.

Darryl: Yeah its very good, very nice.

Jonathan: And what about appearances. What’s the best looking biscuit?

Darryl: Oh, the pink wafer is a sexy little number.

Jonathan: Yep… and texture?

Darryl: It’s got to be a gold bar when it comes to texture. The right amount of chocolate with the best crunch and mouthfeel. My goodness. What a biscuit.

Jonathan: So, I feel we’ve got to know a lot about your biscuit preferences but what’s your all round top 5 biscuits from 5 to 1 being the best?

Darryl: Oh wow. Now you’re talking. This is not an easy decision but I can’t have a list without including Malted Milk, so that’s at number 5.

Jonathan: Malted Milk! And you call yourself a biscuit connoisseur?

Darryl: Hang on now. How can you say anything bad about a Malted Milk?

Jonathan: I had a devastating situation once, where I accidentally dipped my Malted Milk into someone else’s cup of coffee instead of my hot chocolate.

Darryl: Nothing wrong with that. I regularly dip in others mugs.

Jonathan: But I don’t even like coffee!

Darryl: Emotional damage.

Jonathan: Yes it was… Anyway, what’s your number 4?

Darryl: Got to be a chocolate chip cookie.

Jonathan: Has to be in the top 5, great choice. I thought you might have had that higher.

Darryl: You haven’t seen what’s to come.

Jonathan: Go on then. Number 3?

Darryl: Chocolate Hobnob.

Jonathan: Bold and a fan favourite but I don’t think its better than a chocolate chip cookie.

Darryl: Are you insane! You’ve lost it mate.

Jonathan: I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. What about number 2?

Darryl: Animal biscuit.

Jonathan: What?

Darryl: Number 2, animal biscuit.

Jonathan: How old are you, 5?

Darryl: Young at heart.

Jonathan: Right you are. So, what is your all round number 1?

Darryl: Might have a difference of opinion on this but it’s the chocolate finger for me.

Jonathan: You won’t believe this, but guess what my favourite is?

Darryl: What?

Jonathan: Chocolate finger.

Darryl: Oh yes, you’ve redeemed yourself sir.

Jonathan: At least we can agree on that. Thank you again for taking time out of your day to talk to me about biscuits.

Darryl: When it involves biscuits, Dazzler will always be there.

Who do you think has the best taste? Choose your favourite selection for National Biscuit Day from Jonathan and Darryl’s choices.

Darryl                                                                                                    Jonathan

Top dunker = Shortbread                                                                  Top dunker = Hobnob

Flavour = Golden Crunch Cream                                                      Flavour = Wagon Wheel

Look = Pink Wafer                                                                               Look = Viennese Whirl

Texture = Gold Bar                                                                              Texture = Oreo

All Round Top 5                                                                                    All Round Top 5

5 = Malted Milk                                                                                    5 = Golden Crunch Cream

4 = Chocolate Chip Cookie                                                                 4 = Jammy Dodger

3 = Chocolate Hobnob                                                                        3 = Chocolate Chip Cookie

2 = Animal Biscuit                                                                                2 = Chocolate Chip Shortbread

1 = Chocolate Finger                                                                           1 = Chocolate Finger

So why not grab yourself a biscuit in honour of National Biscuit Day! If you’re a teacher and looking for teaching roles in the Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire area, then check out Tick Education jobs on www.tickeducation.co.uk/tick-jobs