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Congratulations, you did it! Another year has finished and now its time to wind down this summer with your sunglasses on and a well deserved ice cold drink in your hand. But how will you spend your 6 weeks off. Here are some ideas to help you relax and wind down this summer.

Listen to music – The beauty of music is that you can listen to it wherever you like. Whether its walking round a park, sitting down having a picnic or dancing around in your pyjamas at home, music is a great way to relax or unleash the inner rockstar within. You can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes while having some stress free you time or party on with your mates in a pub, club or even a karaoke bar. Just remember SINGING IS WINNING

Watch films and television – A great way to switch off is to switch on. You can switch off from everyday life and escape into a world of gripping storylines and A List movie stars. All you need is a TV remote, a comfy sofa and a bowl of popcorn. Alternatively you could fully embrace the cinematic experience by watching the latest summer blockbusters with friends at the cinema. Either way, you’re sure of a thrilling experience

Exercise – It doesn’t have to be a chore. Wind down this summer with some fun activities. You could go swimming with the family or be inspired by the lionesses and play football with your pals in between the matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Exercise releases positive endorphins that are great for mental health. So get out there and take advantage of all your free time this summer

Get creative – Arts and crafts are perfect if you have children yourself. It’s a great way to pass the time and get those creative juices flowing. If art isn’t your thing, how about writing instead. You could start by writing some blogs and who knows where it may take you. By the end of the summer you might have the next big script in your hand or a future best selling novel. If you prefer to be outside then photography might be the way to go. Grab your camera and give it a go

Take a break – The best way to wind down this summer after a long year at work, is to have a well deserved holiday. Whether you’re taking an adventurous trip or relaxing on a beach, its important to recharge the batteries and have fun. Its better to prepare for the term ahead at the start of the summer so you can then properly chill out and enjoy the rest of the break and forget about all the hustle and bustle of the next year

Whatever you do this summer, have a great time and don’t waste it.

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