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It can be hard for a teacher to motivate children at this time of the year.

Most of them are already in holiday mode, counting the days down to the end of the academic year and lets face facts, the chances are the teacher is too!

So how can a teacher maintain the children’s attention while keeping energy levels high in students before the summer holiday?

Here are a few ideas for teachers to use.

  1. Create a Euros tournament where all the children in the class represent different teams. You can then get the children to take part in different educational challenges against other teams. This could involve verbal, practical, written and visual exercises so that it creates an inclusive culture where different types of learners can take part and have fun. You could also link it to geography and learning about different cultures.
  1. Group quizzes are a fun way for children to demonstrate what they’ve learned and help to promote team work
  1. Practical exercises are great because they get children out of their chairs and actively doing a task. There’s a time and place for text books, but at the end of the academic year, the children can start to feel lethargic and doing practical work might be the best way of keeping energy levels high in students before the summer
  1. Have ice breakers at the start and end of each class so that it gets the lesson off to a positive start and gives them something to look forward to at the end. These can be used to motivate engagement throughout the class
  1. Have an awards day where you give each child an individual medal or trophy for something specific about them. Tell the children about it weeks in advance so that it motivates them to do their best. This will be a positive end to the year and all of the children will leave feeling full of morale and looking forward to a well deserved break

 We hope this has been useful and wish all the teachers, teaching assistants and other staff in schools a relaxing summer.

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